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                                                               (1). GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

All night vision and thermal imaging equipment sold by AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES is warranted by the manufacturer to perform to the specifications stated, and against faults for the indicated period, under the terms and conditions set out by the manufacturer.

Due to no authorized service capabilities being available in Australia, it will in some cases require items to be returned to the manufacturer for repairs.


AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES may offer guidance to assist a potential purchaser* with the selection of a product, but does not make, or offer, any guarantee as to the suitability for the proposed use, and therefore AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES accepts no liability of any kind for the final choice made by the purchaser.


The purchaser must ensure they fully understand the meaning of all the appropriate specifications applicable to their selected item, and therefore the purchaser accepts all responsibility for being satisfied that the item chosen is suitable for their own intended purpose, prior to purchase


No allowance, financial or otherwise, will be made, or provided, for the return of an item should that item not perform to the purchaser’s perceived standard, or for any change of mind.


Full payment is required before delivery unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing. 

(Govt. purchases on official order excepted)  

For non stock items, full payment is required at the time of order and payment is non-refundable and no allowance made, financial or otherwise, unless that item is no longer available. 

Then a refund or alternative item may be selected by the purchaser.

AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES staff will always assist a purchaser with any query or question they may have in relation to the performance of their product.


                                                                (2). IMPORTED “CONTROLLED” ITEMS.

All GENERAL STARLIGHT COMPANY INCORPORATED (GSCI) equipment is imported on a CANADIAN GOVERNMENT EXPORT CERTIFICATE as a controlled item, and once a request to purchase has been accepted by AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES and the order is placed with GSCI, it is binding and cannot be varied or altered under GSCI terms & conditions of sale unless specifically authorized.

Pricing is shown in $US on this site and the current $Au will apply at the time of money transfer to Canada.  Australian GST will be added, calculated on the "day price" on clearing Australian Customs.     

Variations of price can and do occur due to the US / Au dollar value fluctuations at the time of money transfer and the final price will be adjusted accordingly prior to delivery where ever necessary.


Should a purchase be made, with prior agreement, on account or a deposit only is paid, the purchaser will be liable for the full "advertised" list price, plus all associated costs incurred by AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES, including, but not limited to, freight and insurance to Australia, any internal freight, Australian Goods and Services Tax, Customs brokerage costs etc, 

which may have otherwise been provided by AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES, should the purchaser decline to accept delivery for any reason.


Prior to the purchaser placing an order they will submit an "END USER DOCUMENT" to AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES. 

Once the item has been shipped from Australian Shooting Services, the purchaser then accepts full responsibility for that item. 

The purchaser should ensure they complete any documentation or notification required for the resale, export or any other means of transfer of that item. 

Australian Shooting Services acts as a distributor for the GENERAL STARLIGHT COMPANY INCORPORATED and any warranty claim on these products, AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES will obtain the required AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT EXPORT PERMIT at no cost to the purchaser, but the purchaser will be liable for the cost of freight and insurance to CANADA unless it has been agreed otherwise in writing prior to shipping for repair.


                                                                 (3). A PURCHASERS UNDERSTANDING.

A purchaser must assure themselves that their choice of product will fulfill their own requirements, as those requirements will vary greatly from user to user. 

Australian Shooting Services can only offer guidance to a purchaser but is not able to guarantee individual suitability. 

The purchaser must also be fully aware of the fact that all classes of IMAGE INTENSIFYING and THERMAL IMAGING equipment, performance will vary considerably under differing atmospheric conditions, and does not constitute faulty equipment.


Regardless of claims made by some, stating that thermal imaging is not affected by smoke, fog, rain etc., it is important to be aware that all those situations will affect the performance of all grades of thermal imaging, as well as all other types of night vision products by varying degrees, dependent on the prevailing conditions. 

Atmospheric pressure and humidity will also alter the performance to some extent.


It is claimed by some manufacturers at times, that thermal imaging will “see through thick bushes etc., unlike other forms of night vision". 

Anything that completely shields an object / target or any part thereof, will prevent it, or that part, being seen with any optical equipment.

More details and explanation of specifications used with all night vision & thermal imaging equipment can be found in the "Night Vision Information" pages on this site.

It should be noted that Pulsar thermal products may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair after the warranty period has expired and this may entail long delays in servicing. 

The purchaser should be aware they will be liable for the cost of freight and insurance.  

A purchaser*, is deemed to be the person placing an order, and / or any person who places an order on behalf of an end user, whether authorized or not.

The above terms and conditions above apply to all purchases, and it is understood that the purchaser accepts and agrees to, these terms and conditions before making a purchase.                                                    


NOTE. Prices and specification may change without notice on any product listed.