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Established 1995

ABN 43558930372

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Australian Shooting Services are -

all types of night vision

Specialist dealers of night vision equipment. ABN.43558930372

Professional & Commercial 

grade products.


Suppliers of ITAR free thermal imaging & image intensifying night vision.

Government & Private purchase.

Surveillance / observation 

& firearm mounted devices. 


Feral animal control, with specialist thermal imaging equipment.

Also licensed to manufacture and repair firearms in Western Australia.

Lic. 09995138 & 09995535

About us


​​"AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES", is the leading Australian specialist night vision and thermal dealer, and is wholly owned and operated by Australian personnel, who as contractors, use the same Thermal and Image Intensifying products available from this site.

As operational users ourselves involved with feral animal control, using various types and grades of image intensifying and thermal imaging equipment, including Mil-Spec, we take pride in the fact we can genuinely provide a prospective client with real information and details about the various products available, and what the differences will mean to you the user, rather than blindly quoting from the specification sheet to you and hope you understand. ​Which unfortunately, is all most night vision "retailers" are able to provide. 


Australian Shooting Services are the oldest established Australian importers / distributors, for the GENERAL STARLIGHT COMPANY INC. of Canada, manufacturers of ITAR free professional "Night Vision" & "Thermal" Imaging.


Western Australian PREMIER dealers for the highly regarded range of PULSAR thermal imaging equipment.


Please note!  We DO NOT and WILL NOT fill our web site with low value consumer items purely for appearance sake.

Australian Shooting Services specializes in high performance "controlled" professional / law enforcement items in both IMAGE INTENSIFYING and THERMAL IMAGING, as well as high quality commercial grade equipment. 

The purchase of entry level Gen 1 image intensifying items are not recommended due their limited performance. 

The currently available digital (non military) night vision equipment is also not recommended because of it's extremely high requirement for additional IR light.  

Neither of these types of products, Generation 1 or Digital, will provide acceptable results under normal "working" conditions.  

Even for recreational use, we recommend that no less than commercial grade items be considered, as the performance of consumer grade products will never produce satisfactory results in the field.


We DO NOT sell "re-branded" Chinese (or similar) "American Name Brand" consumer quality imports intended to bypass the ITAR export regulations.


Although a large percentage of our night vision products are often assumed to be for "Government Only" purchase, they are also completely LEGAL for private purchase in Australia.


Australian Shooting Services is registered with Border Force (Australian Customs) and the Department of Defense (DECO) for the import and export of controlled items. 


When selecting your preferred Night Vision supplier, always check on the details they advertise, for example, can they actually supply "military" grade products as they claim, when all they list is cheap GENERATION 1 and other LOW END CONSUMER ITEMS?         

Or make statements, for example, "Super Long Range" night vision, often showing a Gen 3 quality image, while hidden in the fine print it says 100 yard detection !

Professional or military grade night vision equipment for only a few hundred dollars, really?  It just does not happen !!! 

NIGHT VISION and THERMAL IMAGING is specialized equipment and is not suitable for sale from a "general sales" outlet, it vitally important that all sales staff genuinely know and fully understand the items they are offering.